From Abba and The Sweet to Blondie, from Bon Jovi to Prince and Madonna, my first proper fan experience was with Adam and the Ants.

The 80s for me is still the greatest music era, such variety and the emergence of the music video and the "stars" were justifiably named so.

Adam Ant with his band epitomise the 80s.  With forays from Punk to New Romantic, from Pop to Rock and the mini movies Adam put the fun back into music.  He is still an idol to Antpeople everywhere.

From that first appearance on Top of the Pops singing "Dog Eat Dog", the Ants captured me as a 12 year old boy with their look, sound and originality.
This was going to be my first taste of fandom, I was hooked.  I bought magazines and the back catalogue of music, anything about this new refreshing, exciting band.

Rockers mocked Adam, punks said he sold out, but there was something unique about this guy.  Everything he said and did had teenagers, parents and grandparents keen to take him as an excellent role model.

Adam inspired me to write more songs and poems and as he started as a graphic designer I dreamt of following in his footsteps into the world of music.  It didn't quite work out that way for me but the inspiration was there.

I still bought all his records after the Live Aid performance of "Vive Le Rock" when everyone assumed he was finished.  He went to L.A. to begin an acting career but records after that were quickly bought up by fans, although not major hits.
My collection of Ant memorabilia and music still make me smile, as it takes me back to a good time in my life.  I had no worries, life was free and the future looked bright.

Adam's music was for me fun and honest, although in hindsight there were hidden messages of regret, despair and anger behind the smiles.  These only came to my notice when reading his recent autobiography which made me respect him even more.

He struggled with depression and fits of mania and once tried to take his own life.  Stalkers made his life hell and eventually he broke to pieces a few years ago to end up in a mental hospital.
Adam Ant is unique, through all of his trauma and pain and even the stealing of his first band by Malcolm McLaren he has fought back to do what he loves best, the music.

With a new album and already touring his new material, the Ant is back.

Antpeople will always hold him in high esteem, a quiet genius with a vision who became an idol to millions.  Now he is a happy human being again and should be given respect for setting the platform for the 80s, a decade of the best music, video and artists of all time.

It's dog eat dog in this world, and the king of the wild frontier became a Prince Charming.  Whether you are friend or foe, he made life a tiny bit more wonderful.