Alexandra Marie Brinkley was born in Fort Worth, Texas in USA.  So the story goes her musician mother was happy her daughter started singing at 1 years of age, unable to talk but could carry a tune! Certainly born to perform then!
Alex says she wants people to relate to her music and not be alone with their problems.  The first song she wrote called " Fly" was about her being bullied at school, she went on to perform for other people and though only young she listens compassionately to her friends and other people and writes from her point of view of their troubles.

Alex sings and plays piano and has over 60 original songs in her repertoire as well as 40 or so cover versions.  She sings around the state as much as she can and anywhere she can.  Her influences include Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato.  She is apparently a down to earth personality and very humble of her talent.  She will go far.
When I first heard about Alex I instantly thought of Vanessa Carlton's style who is also an influence of hers along with singer pianist Sara Bareilles.  Alex has a single on iTunes called "Tell Me" and has recently released an E.P. entitled "Love Everything" which features the lovely Acoustic number "Hello Heartbreak".