Anna Meline is a 21 year old singer songwriter and guitarist from Sweden.  Interested in music production during her school years she applied for University, unfortunately failed the admission test and decided to find a way into the music business on her own.
Anna got her first guitar at 13 years old and started singing her own poems as a way to express herself and handle different problems in a productive way, performing.  Her voice is very unique and it takes time to tune in to the Euro Pop Rock voice with the English/Swedish accent vocalising over various genres of music.
The music of Anna Meline variates from Dance to Pop to an almost Indie Country style.  It's hard to define but it is original.  She has released a couple of singles and just recently her debut album entitled "I Couldn't Stay" which contains 7 tracks.
My favourite track is probably "What For" which is a Euro Rock ballad, this was the first time I'd heard Anna.  This lady says she may have written a few songs about people that enter her life.  Her ex-teacher Tord Martinsson co-produced her album and her friend Emilia Johansson helps promote with photos and videos.  Certainly, Anna does not forget those who enter her life and have a positive effect on her.  Originality, determination and being humble of her talent aare sure to take Anna Meline far!