Erin is a new Country singer/songwriter from Raleigh, North California, USA.  The influences are there for all to hear, Colbie Caillat, Adele and Norah Jones, to name but a few.
This lady has many talents, writing since the age of seven and also formed and managed a four piece harmonic girl band called Penny Road.  Apart from having a beautiful voice Erin is an accomplished pianist and guitarist.
Erin has just released her debut E.P. entitled "Reckless".  The title track is a typical lilting Country track with a catchy little chorus.  My favourite has to be "Kissin' Ain't A Crime", which is an uptempo foot tapper, reminding me a little of Dixie Chicks.
In the spare time she has amidst the touring and writing Erin also studies as a Chancellor's Scholar at Appalachian University as well as baking "killer" cookies!.  She also lends her hand to various charitable causes and worked on rehabilitation projects in Raleigh with hammer in hand and wearing overalls.  Behind the sweet smile is clearly a girl with talent, intelligence and hard work ethic in abundance, bigger things are surely to come!