FireBug are an exciting American Indie Rock band originally from Chicago but currently based in New Orleans for the last 3 years.  Their sound is unique, a little Pat Benatar, a little Garbage, a little Psychedelic, with some Goth and Blues overtones as well!  This is the kind of band I love where you just can't categorise them into one genre.

The band currently work as a 3 piece (although more members are drafted in for live performances).  The core members are Juliette Tworsey who provides lead vocals/rhythm guitar and mandolin, Jules Shapiro on lead guitar and bass, while Matt Carr is on drums and percussion.
Although the band have been around the live scene for a while around the United States and Europe, they have released a couple of E.P.'s before releasing the "End Of The World" E.P. in 2006.  I first got hold of the band when I heard the "Dreaming Of America" single released in 2009.  The song epitomises the FireBug sound.  You first think there is a Razorlight influence, then it begins to rock out 70s style and Juliette gives her best Pat Benatar before a Metal Rock ending!

The E.P. "End Of The World" is pretty much a mix of styles as expected.  The title track begins and ends with a sultry Stevie Nicks style vocal, while in between is a raucous full on rock out which reminds me of Garbage at their best.  "Paradise" puts the band in Psychedelic mode, a blend of intense and gentle vocals, sweet little guitar breaks and a hippie choral segment.  "Forever Won't Wait" is another dramatic switch in style, slide guitars make this a cool, Blues number which you can imagine being in smoky bar chilling out.

Before the "Dreaming Of America" single in 2009, the band released the album "Season For Change" a year earlier.  As well as containing "Paradise" and "Forever Won't Wait" the album has a further 10 tracks that keep you on your toes attempting to define the sound.  There are soft tracks like the sweet "Reverie" and the 70's Progressive Rock style of "Last Laugh".  "Carnivore Banquet" is a half Country, half Asian hybrid instrumental while "Smile" take you back to the late 80s Goth sound of The Mission and Sisters Of Mercy.  My favourite song is "Season For Change", the title track just hits you with pretty much all of the styles I mentioned previously!  A unique and great album.

The band's first ever vinyl E.P. "The River" was released in May 2014 and apart from the title track it includes the songs "Shallow Water", "Used To Be" and "Fool Like Me".  From the two tracks that I could get a listen of, both "The River" and "Shallow Water" give more than a little taste of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin and 70s Classic Rock.

FireBug's new album, "Homeostasis" will be released later this year.  The tracks were recorded in Joshua Tree at Rancho De La Luna and at Studio In The Country in Bogalusa, Louisiana with Queens Of The Stone Age producer Chris Goss.  The band have played such venues as Howlin' Wolf, House Of Blues and One Eyed Jacks.  They have toured the UK a few times and played at Knebworth Sonisphere Festival in 2010 with other major Rock players such as Iron Maiden, The Cult and Iggy Pop And The Stooges.  They have won awards too such as Best International Act in 2009 and 2010 at the UK Exposure Music Awards.  A planned pre-album single "Wine, Water And Bread" is forthcoming and the band also are promoting the album with tours around the United States and Europe!