Kane are a Dutch Rock group, make proper "Guitar Rock" and were inspired by bands like U2, Pearl Jam, Queen and Nirvana.  So much inspired by U2 in fact that they released a special live tribute album "With Or Without You" in 2000 featuring U2 songs including "Acrobat" which even the Irish rockers have never released in a live format.  The band started in 1998 when co-founders Dinand Woesthoff and Dennis van Leeuwen met in a becah cafe in The Hague in Holland.  The first album "As Long As You Want This" was on the national album chart for 18 months and they have won quite a few European based awards.

Dinand's wife was Guusje and she died of breast cancer in 2004, the song "Dreamer" from the 5th album, "Fearless" was devoted and dedicated to her memory.
I first heard the band on the Internet singing "So Glad You made It" from the album of the same name and just loved this guy's voice.  As I listened to more songs I couldn't understand why I had not heard of them before.  In Scandinavian countries and especially Holland and Belgium they are a big name but outside Europe and here in the UK they are an unknown quantity.

The first album "As Long As You Want This" introduces the style of the band perfectly.  From the opening hard rocking title track and the melodic guitars on "Can You Handle Me?" to the gorgeous ballad "Damn Those Eyes".  The album is full of variation, tuneful melodies and foot tapping rockers.

"So Glad You Made It" is the second album and the one that got me hooked on this great band.  The title track as mentioned above was the breakthrough song for me, a fast paced sing-along rock song that wasn't unlike INXS at their peak.  The usual eclectic mix of styles are here, the atmospheric "Let It Be", soft Acoustic number "Mother", and the classic 80s style Pop Rock of "Hold On To The World".
Album number 3 "Fearless" arrived in the wake of Dinand's wife's sad death and was understandably more downbeat but still classic Kane.  Opening with the haunting "Go" it then jumps into high speed with the single "Something To Say".  The uplifting "Don't Let It Pass You By" keeps up the positive if somewhat sad trail to the final song devoted to the singer's beloved partner "Dreamer".  "Faith" and "All I Can Do" are stand out ballads.

The next album "Everything You Want" opened with the unusual single "Catwalk Criminal", which kicks off with a minute of synths then explodes into a soaring guitar and drum chorus.  In fact this album has more electronic sounds than previous albums and was more a Billy Idol/INXS hybrid of rock-synth-pop style but Dinand's voice told you it was Kane you were listening to.

"Shot Of A Gun" is an 80s pop ballad while "Yeah Yeah Yeah" is a funky riff-laden pop rocker.  There is a big 80s Pop-Rock feel on this album and "Are You Feelin It" epitomises this set of tracks perfectly.
 Kane have released 5 studio albums, a live album "February" and a live tribute to U2.  The new album " Come Together" will be here in 2013 following 2009's "No Surrender".  Their music should already be global in my opinion.