Miss Li was born in Borlange, Sweden as Linda Carlsson on July 6, 1982.  One day in 2006 in an apartment in Stockholm, Miss Carlsson was (so the story goes) lying awake thinking about buying a piano and writing songs.  Later that day she was composing songs on a piano under the name Miss Li!

She has since recorded 7 studio albums and several of her songs have been used in commercials and background music on TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.  Her music genre is categorised as Jazz/Blues but there is a great quirkiness in Miss Li and similar to Imelda May, it's a voice you can't ignore once you've heard it.
The first track I heard from Miss Li was a song called "My Heart Goes Boom", I'd heard it a few times a couple of years ago on TV but could never remember where or indeed who sung it.  Now I realise it must have been a commercial, as it was used a few times for furniture store DFS.  I loved this kind of style, it was updated Pop Jazz,  I wonder why she hasn't been a major success over here in the UK as yet.

Miss Li signed with the National label in 2006 and released her debut set, "Late Night Heartbroken Blues".  In 2007 she relished in this new found inspiration and released her second and third albums in quick succession ("God Put A Rainbow In The Sky" and "Songs Of A Rag Doll").  In the same year she released a double cd set Best Of which consisted of her singles and B-sides and unreleased tracks.  After 4 albums in just over a year she took two years to release her most successful album in 2009 with a slightly different commercial sound to the up-tempo Jazz pop of the first 3 albums.
The fourth album from Miss Li is entitled "Dancing The Whole Way Home".  The most remembered song is the incredibly catchy "Bourgeois Shangri-La" which was used in the Apple iPod commercial which was probably heard in every home across the world.  The humour in Miss Li's lyrics is always there but never hidden which is obvious in "Dirty Old Man" where she sings about a married man who's chasing 18 year old girls! It's a chirpy laid back 50s style throwback jazz track.  "Is This The End" is one of the more poppy tracks on the album in an Eliza Doolittle/Paloma Faith hybrid.  My favourite is the opener "I Heard of a Girl" which kind of reminds me of early Blondie.
In 2011 "Beats & Bruises" was released as the fifth album.  The opening track "Devil's Taken Her Man" again has a Debbie Harry-esque feel to the vocals and would fit in with the 80s decade easily with it's atmospheric backing.  The 50s/60s Blues feel of "I Cant Get You Off My Mind" with excellent guitar riff and screeching backing vocals is a standout track.  It was also used in "Grey's Anatomy" and helped build Miss Li's profile in Germany! There are more guitar riffs at the forefront of this album mirrored in the Rock and Roll/Country style "Forever Drunk".
The sixth album, "Tangerine Dream" was released in 2012 and contained the previously mentioned Rockabilly style "My Heart Goes Boom".  My other favourite on this album is "Plastic Faces", an 80s influenced Pop, almost Electronic track, with a classy catchy chorus.  The track "It 'Aint Over" starts slow as a laid back ballad but quickens through the song to a faster beat and even louder vocals before cutting back down from a Dexys-style string and piano burst to a softer finish.  "Throw It In The Trash Can" is an angry Rock/Pop/Rap/Electro/Ska crossover that just confuses the brain so much it's mesmerising.

The seventh album " Wolves" was released in 2013 and was originally going to be a set of unreleased material from 2007-12 but now is a collection of 9 all new songs.