Sheppard are an indie pop band from Brisbane, Australia which consists of siblings George (Vocals), Amy ( Vocals) and Emma (Bass).  Added to the group are guitarists Jason Bovino and Michael Butler and drummer Dean Gordon.

The family were raised in Papua New Guinea but once they relocated to Australia they flourished with incredible musical talent.  They found the talents of Bovino, who is also a videographer and songwriter and are now set for global stardom with the youthful energy and bright, unforgettable tunes.

Even thought their fledgling career has only created 3 singles, 1 extended play and the new album, "Bombs Away", they are the "next big thing" from Oz.
I first heard of this new band when I was watching Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 in the UK, it was just a snippet of a video called "Geronimo".  The catchy chorus was just enough to catch my interest and check up more music.

Sheppard released the E.P "Sheppard" in 2012 but it wasn't until 2013 that it started to get noticed reaching a high of number 18 on the Australian charts.  The sounds were fresh, energetic and with great harmonies and melodies.  The lead track , the Rock n' Roll like number "Hold My Tongue" was later released as a 3 track single with a Dance remix of "Let Me Down Easy", also featured on the E.P.
The E.P.  served as a tasty teaser for the debut album, with the aforementioned Monkees-esque "Let Me Down Easy" and sweet harmonies of "Flying Away".  Unfortunately the single "Hold My Tongue" did not chart but the second single, as mentioned, "Geronimo" reached number 1 and knocked Pharrell Williams' "Happy" off the top spot after it a 12 week run and Sheppard has their first platinum single with only their second single.

They were the first Australian band to sign for Decca Records in March 2014 and are suddenly being asked to perform at a variety of festivals and supported Keith Urban on his "Light The Fuse" tour on Australian dates.
After the success of the infectious "Geronimo", the debut album " Bombs Away" was released in 2014.  The album is one of diversity and different genres.  It's appeal will be to everyone, as there is something for all tastes, upbeat songs, catchy rhythms and choruses and sweet harmonious ballads.  This band are certainly not a one trick pony, they are talented musicians and songwriters and seem to be able to turn their hand to anything.

Obviously my favourite track is "Geronimo", with it's African style beats and "Say Geronimo" chorus, it is indeed incredibly catchy and once heard you will be saying that exact phrase!  The second single from the album will be "Something's Missing", it's an Everly Brothers for 2014, lovely harmonies and a cool guitar riff reminiscent of Don and Phil in their prime.  The cool poppy "Smile" lays back the mood and the explicit bluesy Rock number "Find Someone" gives a hard edged teen angst to the album.  The album is classic Indie Pop mixed with sassy old style riffs and the odd Katy Perry/Alanis Morissette vocal and brilliant rhythms, melodies and harmonies.  Check out their Acoustic sessions on YouTube especially their brilliant covers of "Say Something" and "Royals".