Once upon a time in Victoria, there were 4 sisters who started playing in the family shed...
No, this isn't the start of a whimsical little children's story, it is actually the start of the Findlay sisters' journey into being a superb all-girl Rock band, blazing a trail through their native Australia and beyond.

With the sounds of Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin the staple listening pleasure of the girls' parents, it was inevitable that if the girls were to embark on a music career it would be Rock based.  Hannah, the eldest Findlay daughter, then 15, took up drum lessons after being attracted to the kit they were given as a family present.  Soon, sisters Hannah (13) took up guitar and Sarah (12) took to the keyboards.  A band was forming.  Holly, then just 7 years old, maybe saw something was missing and asked her parents for a bass guitar!
On returning from the studio one day, Amy had the band's first song "Foreign Lover".  The obviously musically astute Mrs Findlay suggested the girls enter this song into Australia's Triple J Unearthed contest in 2010.  The girls, with Amy now on lead vocals as well as drums, thinking they probably wouldn't do very well, entered.  They won easily.  They were then asked to perform in Perth at the One Movement Festival and were spotted by renowned band book Martin Elbourne, who subsequently got them booked for Glastonbury in 2011 on the John Peel stage!

The band write their own material with the occasional cover.  I saw this band researching a number of all-girl bands, but they caught my eye with the brilliant "Through The Clover".  I was hooked, great energy, superb vocals and great old style Rock riffs.  They are certainly going places, and to think, it all started in a shed!
Their first E.P. entitled "Through The Clover" was released in 2010 after their success at the Triple J contest.  Containing five tracks, including the first written song "Foreign Lover".  This song gives you all the influences in one song.  Psychedelic Rock mixed with Progressive Rock and Glam, minimal lyrics and some Hendrix guitar heroics in the middle.  "Walk My Way" is less energetic but a really laid back track with Heart-like vocals and 60s rock keyboards.  "Chase The Sun" is right out of Led Zeppelin's copybook with a hint of other 70s Rock classics.

"Bad Reality", the second E.P. came in 2012.  The title track is reminiscent of Pat Benatar and  for me, real Rock that could have come from the 70s or even 80s.  "Ruby Skies" is definitely like early 60s Heart while the chorus is similar to very early Blondie.  "Who Are You?" is feminine Ozzy and Black Sabbath while "Black Water Rising" would make Plant and Page smile as the Led Zeppelin influence is plain to see, the chorus is also akin to Guns 'N Roses' Axl Rose, vocal wise.  This is real Rock from a very talented family!
The girls' debut album, "Stonefield" was released in late 2013 and contains a plethora of Rock influences, catchy choruses, searing guitar riffs, Psychedelic keyboards, thumping drumbeats, and powerful vocals.  A fine start to the sisters' album catalogue, of which I am sure can run and run.  The album kicks of with the two brilliant kick-ass stomping singles "Love You Deserve" and "Put Your Curse On Me", preceded by the introduction of the Hendrix-style/60s Flower power rocker "C'mon".  "Diggin' My Way Out" and ""House Of The Lonely" stick out as possible singles to me.  The final track of the album, "Keep On Rollin'" has some lovely harmonies, although short on lyrical content, it is an epic track to finish the album as it started, leaving you wanting more.
Stonefield spent almost all of 2014 gigging at many festivals around Australia and are currently recording material for their second album.  For Amy, Hannah, Sarah and Holly Findlay, surely the world must take notice of this new Rock phenomenon.