Support Lesbiens hail from the Czech Republic.  They formed in 1992 and released a couple of Heavy Rock albums but faced a tough challenge to be accepted by their peers.  They primarily sing in English with the odd track on albums being Czech.  There was a massive sceptical view of the band for pursuing this path.  The band's lead singer Krystof Michal studied in the United States and is known for his quirky humour and extravagant image which explains the videos being a little crazy at times!.  Krystof is joined by his cool and quirky bandmates, Hynek Toman and Yarda Helesic on guitars, Tomas Novak on drums and Jan Daliba on bass.
I first heard this band's material in 2003 from their third album "Regeneration?".  The lead singer's voice was clearly not English but had this unusual hint of accent.  Curiously, think of James Marsters' Spike in the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and you will get my drift.  Krystof even reminds me a little of him as well, which is kind of spooky!.

The song that got me hooked was "Bet My Soul", a very laid back Pop song which was simple but endearing.  The album right through is a great listen, from the sweet "Please Look At Me" and the cutesy "Let's Just Sing" to the Rock-Pop of "Fisherman's Friend" and quirky weirdness of "Bubblebrown".  I spent a couple of years trying to find more of this band, but like most great "foreign" bands they are ignored by this country and I had trouble finding more albums.

On finding the Czech music and dvd store Bontonland online, I instantly bought "Tune Da Radio", the next album and a live dvd of the band.  This only got me more interested, they were great live, good energy and from the opening credits humour, good fun too.
The 4th album "Tune Da Radio" was a little more Rock than "Regeneration?" but contained a more modern Rock-Pop feel with the opening title track and "Sweet Little Something".  It contained the Dance-Pop of "Let's Dance" and the beautiful "Feel U".

The next album "Midlife" contained the haunting and soulful "Cliche" and the equally harmonious "Telephone".  As with the previous two albums the album had a unique mix of Fun- Pop ("Savannah"), rock out songs ("She Lives In Man") and slow lilting ballads.

The variety of styles on every song on the albums keep me interested, it's really a crime the UK hasn't taken this band to their hearts.
Support Lesbiens have released 3 more studio albums to date ("Euphony and Other Adventures", "Lick It" and the recent "Homobot") as well as a Greatest Hits compilation and a "soft" collection of ballads.