Tegan & Sara are an Indie Rock band from Calgary, Alberta in Canada who started out as a serious band in 1995.  They are identical twin sisters Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin born on September 19, 1980.  They started out as Sara and Tegan but changed the name for easier pronunciation!.  Both play guitar and keyboards and compose their own songs.

Both girls are openly gay and have separately appeared on other artists' collaborations.  Currently the band are releasing their seventh album "Heartthrob".
The first time I heard of Tegan & Sara was when "Walking With A Ghost" came on the radio.  It sounded so quirky and different and I wanted to find more music from this new band.  The song was taken from the third album "So Jealous" and was later covered by The White Stripes for an EP.  They self-released their debut album "Under Feet Like Ours".  Any links to other girl duo's are normal but to me they sound like a rockier, edgier Alisha's Attic.

The first album (the band's unofficial second) released on a bona fide label was "This Business of Art".  "Proud" is a great rocky Acoustic number a la KT Tunstall/Anouk while "Freedom" is a darkly driven rocker which ends up similar to Barenaked Ladies or Hanson in it's vocal delivery of the verses and chorus.  "Superstar" is another stand out track and is a mash up of Alanis Morisette and Siouxsie Sioux influences with a little Elastica thrown in for good measure.
"If It Was You" is the band's third album released in 2007.  This album is a little more rockier than the previous set.  "City Girl" has a Cyndi Lauper feel to it with the vocals but it is a lilting Police-type White Reggae ballad.  "Underwater" is another clearly influenced by Alanis and is a great rocker while "And Darling (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)" is an Indie Folk love song.  There is a Garbage/Paramore influence in the Alternative styled "I Hear Noises".

The 4th album "So Jealous" is the album that put Tegan & Sara on the map.  "Walking With A Ghost" as previously stated is the track that got me hooked.  Such quirky vocals but a simple musical arrangement gave this track a unique, original feel.  "Fix You Up" is a lovely slow ballad with unusual harmonising vocals over a light guitar.  "I Bet It Stung" is a raw Alternative punkish rocker which has some great guitar rhythms.
On to the 5th album "The Con" which also had a rare "The Con Demos" album secretly hiding for fans.  The set opens with "I Was Married", a soft ballad that floats lightly along for one and a half minutes.  The title track is a mish-mash of high operatic vocals, Punk verses and has a Goth feel to the music.  "Back In Your Head" is a keyboard based jaunty little track which makes you smile.  "Floorplan" has a Fleetwood Mac feel to it and is a really pleasant track with lots of things going on in the background to test the musical senses.

Tegan & Sara have released 7 albums in total including "Sainthood" released in 2009 and the latest collection "Heartthrob".