WHOWho are a "bit of everything" indie band from Seoul in South Korea.  Their music is an eclectic mix of Funk, Dance, guitar Pop-Rock and Electronica.  The group formed in 2012 and have been touring extensively spreading their music across Asia and surely around the globe soon enough.
The players are Jun Roh (Guitar/Vocals), John Ahn (Bass), Jincheol Kim (Drums) and session synth player Young Kwang Joung.

They sing in English so would translate all around the world and surely be a hit in the USA with their American clothing style and catchy Daft Punk electro and 8's guitar riffs, and that's just part of the unique sound they bring.  Only 2 E.P.'s have been released as far as I know so far and they are quite an introduction.
I only just a few days ago heard a track, which is the live studio version of "Her" and I was intrigued by this cool looking Asian band who were nothing like the usual bubble-gum artists of J-Pop and K-Pop. The song kicked off with an Electronic beat and synths followed by some Daft Punk-esque vocals.  It then changed into a soft English vocal to kick into an 80s power pop riff which is verging on Punk.  On top of all this it's damn catchy and very danceable!

WHOWho's first release was the "WHOWho" E.P. consisting of three songs which includes "Dance In The Rain", a funky Jimi Hendrix-inspired Electro-guitar rocker.  "Love" reminds me of the 80s band XTC, quirky synths with a catchy guitar and drumbeat in the background.  The third song on the set is "Bye Bye" is reminiscent of late Punk/New Romantic 80s pop.
The band are influenced by many artists and listen to all kinds of music, they have a motto "Dance Silly, Play Sexy".  Apparently Jun Roh creates a set of lyrics and a rough outline for a song and the band create a catchy track.  It seems to work, the songs are really catchy and personally I can't wait for the album.
A song entitled "Down Below" appears on Asian soundtrack albums, which is a softer vocal song but still contains the guitar riffs, the catchy chorus and the synth 80s Electro background.
The second E.P. "Who" contains the studio version of the aforementioned "Her" and also an extreme Rock-Pop Punk track called naturally "Who", complete with searing guitars right through.  The final track is a remix of "Dance In The Rain" by fellow South Korean band Glen Check.

I am excited by this band, they have everything I like in their music, they also have a number of live performances on YouTube.  Check out their great cover versions of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" and Nirvana's "Come As You Are".