Annabell are Swedish friends Johan, Simon, Jack and Gustav.  The Stockholm band have a blistering Rock sound that is a little Guns N' Roses, a little Bon Jovi and a little Iron Maiden.  They formed in 2014 and decided to write some material and start rehearsing and going back to basics.
On the basis of the two songs released into the world, "Break The Rules" and "We're The Reason Why" I will be looking forward to hearing the a debut abum by the guys, apparently they are causing a mini storm in Sweden but I would guess that the globe is ready for this great new Rock band!
The Facebook page stated that the album was released in October but I have yet to find it at the time of this article.  I do intend to keep my eye on this band as I expect big things from them, they are a breath of fresh air in the currently average Rock arena in my opinion.
The music is fresh, energetic and pure power Rock & Roll, good luck to the guys, global recognition could be heading their way!




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