Monday, 23 October 2017


Curse of Lono are a London based quintet who I could describe as mysterious storytellers! Felix Bechtolsheimer, Dani Ruiz, Charis Anderson, Neil Findlay and Joe Hazell make up this unique band.  The sometimes Alternative, Gothic Rock seamlessly slips into Folk and Blues with brilliant musicianship and gravel-like vocals.  
The sound just takes you into a dark novel setting where you sit in a dimly lit bar sinking whisky shots and telling your stories like an old style detective.  New album "Severed" is out now, a favourite of mine is "He Takes My Place".  
There are similarities to modern bands like Liverpool storytelling band The Coral as well as 60s artists like The Kinks and Simon and Garfunkel or even the Everly Brothers. The sound is raw and has a "live" feel to it that would sound awesome in headphones as you while away an afternoon being transported into another time and place.
The band are currently on tour around Europe amidst rave reviews of their debut album.  I look forward to hearing more from the band, the "Severed" album is just a laid back, mature piec of work and surely plants a seed for a bright, blooming future!



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