Los Angeles rock band Fire Tiger bring back the 80s Glam/Classic Rock.  Reminding me initially of Heart, with a little Starship (80s version) the songs evoke  memories of that glorious decade, the guitar solos and the anthemic power ballads that we associate with that time.
The band consists of James Ramsey, Chris Cuomo, Cahuenga Mango and fronted by big voiced  Tiffany Alkouri.  Check out the videos on YouTube for the gorgeous ballad "He Has Changed" and the foot stomping title track from their first album "Energy".  I will be keeping my eye on this band, they are surely going from strength to strength and the 80s music so much back in vogue at the moment.
The band have been receiving rave reviews on YouTube and in countries across the globe for their debut album.  The "Energy" video was a taster for the album and got thousands of likes and positive comments.  The album contains brilliant tracks that also incorporate some late 70s style arrangements which only adds to the enjoyment.
"Green Light" and "Count Dracula" are my personal favourite from the album, but check the band out for yourselves.  If you are an 80s lover like me this band will indulge your thirst for the days before boybands and DJ music!  A second album is in the pipeline, the band tweeted a couple of months ago.


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