Five A.M. are a six piece band from the United States, playing an energetic, anthemic, Alternative Rock and have been playing together for quite a few years.  The players are Trent Yaconelli (lead vocals), Zach Hammer (lead guitar), Jason McGrath (bass), Jed Friesen (drums), Benjie Kushins (percussion) and Jimmy Domnaghy (keyboards).

Influence of the band range from U2 and Matchbox 20 to Snow Patrol and Foo Fighters.  Personally, I think they remind me a little of the Welsh band Stereophonics, Trent has that husky Rock voice at times and the melodies and backing match up brilliantly that could please many genres.  Lyrics and music that can evoke a little Soul, Blues, Pop and Rock, I'm surprised I hadn't heard them before in little old England, they are a really great band with some stunning tunes.
I first heard the band from the video to "Come On, Come On" from the latest album "Broken///Beautiful".  It's a brilliant song and just made me want to hear more from this great Rock band.  The sound reminded me of a mix between Pearl Jam, Kane and Stereophonics.  Husky voiced vocals with a pure Rock backing encompassing a few genres.

The first album "Degrees Of Falling" was finally released in 2002.  After realising they didn't have enough money they requested help from the fans who duly helped them fund the disc.  The Grunge Rock influences were here but also the experimental artistry of the band was showing itself even on this debut set.  "Lost And Found" for instance has an R.E.M feel to it, a lilting ballad until a couple of minutes in then a complete rock out!  "Painted Words" is a gorgeous ballad with signs of Bob Dylan and Tom Petty while "Paper Bag" and "Joker" could be Pearl Jam at their peak.  "Restless" on the other hand, is a Country tinged sweet ballad complete with slide guitars.  A genre-breaking taste of things to come.
In 2005 the second set "This Morphine Life" was released, yet again a variety of experimental musical influences shine through and the versatility of these musicians.  "In Between" and the title track are strong, emotive Rock ballads in the vein of Dutch band Kane.  There is a fast paced Punk rocker "Reach To" and the album ender "Closing In" which could be a Bon Jovi/Pearl Jam hybrid.  The Foo Fighters surely influenced "Open Your Eyes" while there are also hints to The Calling and Goo Goo Dolls on this second effort.
"Raise The Sun" the third Five A.M. album emerged in 2008 with the usual influences of the previous two albums but going one step further and opening to even more broader audiences.  My favourite here has to be "Be Still" which is a Goo Goo Dolls/The Calling influenced real Pop Rock crossover, a bit of everything, emotive lyrics, melodious guitar riffs and powerful vocal chorus.  "Every Now And Then" is a bluesy foot stomping rocker while "Lillian" gives me a reminder to a Bon Jovi slow rocker.  "Sunshine" could be the lovechild of Tom Petty and Bob Dylan,a really pretty lilting ballad and the Tom Petty sound can also be heard in "Fall Apart".
After an "Acoustic Sessions" disc was released in 2009 including some live tracks,
"Broken///Beautiful" became the fourth album release in 2014.  
Containing the brilliant aforementioned "Come On, Come On" and 9 other fabulous tracks.  There are more Pop Rock tracks here but the Alternative power and performance and the band has not suffered.  "Only The Night" reminds me of Stereophonics and is superb Pop rocker while I love "Start All Over Again" could be 80s style Classic Rock in the vein of Aerosmith.  There are power ballads such as "Hit The Ground" and "Belong" which are similar in style to Goo Goo Dolls and Bon Jovi respectively.  The most unusual track and one of rmy favourites is "Lets Go" which is a mixed up mind blowing mix of The Cars/Bowie and Tom Petty but it is a masterful song!
With so many strings to their bow this band should be more massive over here in the U.K. and beyond and I, for one, am glad I have found their music even late in their career.  Let's hope more is heard from Five A.M. in the future, keep your eyes peeled, New Music Ear will be watching and listening!



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