Forever Still are a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark who play an atmospheric, harmonic Rock similar to Evanescence and Within Temptation.  They are the ultimate D.I.Y group, delivering all of their 3 E.P.s to date on a "pay what you want" basis, which has brought them an ever growing fan base along with their high energy, full blown in your face gigs.  Its how it should be, its all about the music for this band.
Consisting of Mikkel Haastrup on bass, guitar, keyboards and drums, Dennis Post on guitar and the powerhouse vocals of Maja Schonning.  The 3 E.P's released so far have brought critical acclaim and have built a massive online presence which will surely bode well for the release of the debut album coming soon.
The songs, although similar in basics to the aforementioned bands have a unique feel.  "The Key" (from the debut E.P. "Breaking Free") for instance has elements of late 70s Heart before ending with heavy metal piercing screams!  The following E.P.'s "Scars" and "Save Me" are part of a trilogy of E,P's which will form a concept debut album "Tied Down".  The theme is about an individual overcoming anxiety, stress, depression and all that comes with it but becoming well in the end.
This is a band going places with a unique drive to succeed but keeping their music in their blood and gaining fans in a really positive and inspiring way.  Forever Still are ones to watch!



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