Hannah Boleyn hails from Leicester, England and according to her Facebook page, she calls her music "Cinematic Soul".  Hannah is sassy, soulful and has gigged with such artists as Joan Armatrading, James Morrison and Alexander O'Neal!.  In 2013, she had only one song she thought was ready for release, that song, "When You're Gone" was heralded by Radio 2 presenters Graham Norton and the late, great Terry Wogan and she had no label or backing band!
Hannah went to Performing Arts School at age 16 and realised her voice was a little different to the other girls there, that it wasn't suited to Theatre styles.  On choosing the name "Boleyn" she liked the idea of strong women who only want the best, just like Anne Boleyn who refused to be King Henry's mistress and wanted to be Queen!  Hannah wants to set herself high goals and reach them, with that attitude and determination she can go far!
She is influenced by the likes of Lana Del Ray and I can also sense a little Paloma Faith and Imelda May in there too, big, strong, powerful voices with bucketloads of emotion.  "When You're Gone" was a brilliant debut and it's understandable why it was lauded by Radio 2, it shows the superb vocal talent that is sure going to make her a star.
Hannah has released a debut album, "The Boleyn Affair" with the aforementioned debut single, "When You're Gone" and the uptempo 80s-esque Olivia Newton-John tinted "Tough Love" and some lovely ballads such as "Insignificant" and "So Ok".  There are Norah Jones moments, and Hannah even plays a Jazz chanteuse on "No Hard Feelings".  This lady is sure to go on to bigger things.



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