Tuesday, 17 October 2017


On looking through the music charts the last few weeks there are only a couple or so stand alone artists and bands that are actually featuring.  In the 90s it started to increase and now it is very very rare you don't see a song by "DJ Whatever featuring someone and someone" or some mixer or producer with or featuring some singer.

Before the mid 90s came, producers were exactly that, producers.  They would produce the music of artists and bands.  Mixers would remix the single for 12" records but it would still be the artist name.  I am all for everyone getting credit but have mixers and producers killed the art of the songwriting artistes?.  Anyone it seems can have a hit record now when it used to be sales alone, and you would have to be a recognised artist.  I am a music journalist and I hear a lot of music but I just can't fathom out who half these names are, maybe I am out of the loop or old fashioned?

The following is the top 10 this week (at the time of writing this article...)
(ft = featuring)

1. Post Malone ft 21 Savage (never heard of either) 2. Camilo Cabello ft Young Thug (no clue) 3. Sam Smith (I know of but don't rate)  4. Dua Lipa (vaguely familiar with) 5. Avicii fr Rita Ora (Acicii is known to me purely by the name popping up in place, Rita I know) 6. Zayn ft Sia (I assume this is the One Direction lad and Sia I know) 7. CNCO & Little Mix (CNCO no clue, Little Mix obviously)  8. J Balvin/Willy William (who?)  9. Stefflon Don & French Montana (who?)  10. Logic/Alessia Cara/Khalid (who?).

Well you get the idea...tha albums charts are usually more familiar.  Ok it gives the opportunity of some unknown singer to make a record if a producer, DJ or mixer likes what they hear but it is getting ridiculous.

I review new bands and artists all the time and because of this kind of "all in one" chart the REAL artists can't make it and maybe those of lesser determination may call it a day because sales are everything to popularity.  I remember buying the New Musical Express...there was a Disco chart, a novelty chart, Rock chart, 12 " chart etc.  That went on sale of physical discs though.  Today you see an average artist like Justin Bieber claiming the top 3 songs, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce claiming half the chart releasing every song on downloads.  A single is a single and an album is an album, that's how it should be.  There should be a physical chart, those people who have actually gone out and bought a cd/cdsingle/vinyl single or album and a download chart, not lump them all together.  I used to buy vinyl all the time and a host of cd albums.  I don't buy and download that much now.  So al the kids who are buying from iTunes are filling the "all in one" chart with basically mindless, not very creative drivel.

I'm not being all Grandad about this, I am just a lover of music and since making this blog, I have found some fantastic bands and artists who are determined for everyone to hear their music.  This is why I do this blog to give them a fighting chance to get noticed by new fans, who will then buy their music and give them the success they deserve.  Gone are the days of Bon Jovi going round the clubs and dives to get noticed, Blondie and The Ramones playing the downbeat CBGB.  Now with the days of the Internet if you make a good video on YouTube you could get noticed.  I don't mind this, its great to find new talent.  What I don't like is that everyone has a job, don't muscle in on other's fame.  Even though Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Berry Gordy with Motown and Phil Spector all wrote songs for artists, they never put their names on the title frame.  If they want to write someone a song and give them credit great, but come on, don't call yourself an artist just because you found someone who can sing your song!  Mark Ronson this goes out to you and others like you, great that you play some instruments and can produce and DJ but you don't sing! If you don't sing or get someone to sing and its an instrumental by YOU then by all means put your name in the title frame!.

I know this is controversial but I am old school...music is about the music, not muscling in on other's talent and definitely not pushing out someone who actually deserves to be there through hard graft and determination!

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