Jack Savoretti was brought up in London and Lugano in Switzerland, the Italian roots come from his grandparents.   Jack is a very talented singer and can also play guitar, piano and harmonica, the soulful husky voice matches his Folk/Pop/Acoustic style perfectly.  After being asked to appear on Corinne Bailey Rae's European tour in 2006 he has been a well known artist in the USA after songs appeared on several TV shows.

He was playing the guitar at 16 and always had a notebook handy to write lyrics.  Apparently, he was amazed how many people listened when he was singing the words as opposed to reading a poem.  He was hooked from this moment on writing songs and be able to converse his thoughts through them.
Jack has just released his 4th studio album, "Written In Scars".  This almost didn't happen as he gave up the music business a few years ago. After a promising debut album, the second album almost wasn't released at all, apparently only released as a download in the USA!.  Thankfully, after business disputes, loss of savings, legal problems with a former manager and the shocking messed up release of the second album, Jack is, as they say, back!

I have only just picked up on Jack's music, and after hearing the brilliant single "Written In Scars".  the title track from the new album.  After recently writing a blog about James Bay, also a talented Acoustic singer, Jack really got my attention.  Superb guitar playing and the throaty voice works perfectly and its such a great upbeat song, I dare you not to tap your feet a little!

Jack's debut album "Between The Minds" was released in 2007.  The title track and "Dr Frankenstein" are gorgeous ballads which remind me a little of Billy Joel.  I read somewhere that Jack was the new Dylan, I don't really see that.  I see a little of Joel, Neil Diamond (especially on "Dreamers") and the melodies of Simon and Garfunkel on the brilliant "Soldier's Eyes".  "Killing Man" is a favourite of mine giving a Sixties Psychedelic vibe.
The album that followed in 2009, "Harder Than Easy" nearly broke Jack, the music was still great, but the releasing of the material was a nightmare.  First it was postponed then allegedly only available as a download in the USA.  This should have been the album that really put Jack on the map.  Ironically, the first track is "Map Of The World"!  This is a brilliant piano-led track that is a little Elton John/Billy Joel/young Elvis, up-tempo and cool.  Although most of the songs are ballads, "Patriot" is a Skiffle/Country up-tempo number that ends the album in positive mood.  The lilting ballad "Northern Sky" and the almost Country style "Lost America" (Johnny Cash/Chris Isaak hybrid?) are standout tracks.  My favourite has to be "Songs From Different Times", a sad love song with the brilliant lyric "Don't let the music die, we're playing songs from different times".

After this album, Jack almost gave up, until his third album "Before The Storm" appeared to widespread acclaim almost 3 years later.  He was newly married with a baby on the way, he couldn't stop writing, but this time it was out of anger.
Jack's long awaited third album, "Before The Storm" appeared in 2012.  The maturity in this album is obvious.  Sometimes, hardship and a step back brings out your best work.  This is such an accomplished album.  I'm amazed this guy isn't more well known already.  More of a variety of styles appears here, a little Rod Stewart on the gorgeous ballad "Breaking The Rules" to 70s and 80s Country on "The Proposal".  There is the bluesy "Last Call" and sassy jazzy number "Knock Knock" which is a fitting end to the album, as he's sure knocking at worldwide stardom's door!  My favourite tracks are "Vagabond" (a kind of Phil Lynott/Van Morrison hybrid) and "Lifetime", reminding me of maybe, The Monkees or some other 60s/70s Pop/Rock combo.

The latest album, "Written In Scars" contains the previously mentioned brilliant title track.  Currently riding high in the UK charts, it also contains the new single, the Folk/Rock sing along "Tie Me Down" and the more Pop style of ""Don't Mind Me".  "Broken Glass" is the Simon and Garfunkel melodies returning, a simply beautiful song.  "Nobody 'Cept You" focuses on Jack's vocals, just him and a guitar, sparse but brilliant.  Let's hope Jack gets the fame he deserves and has earned.  A star indeed.


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