Monday, 16 October 2017


Kaleb McKane is one of those rare acts that even after hearing only one song you want more.  On listening to the single "Talk To God" with its superb Lego guitar man video (enjoy it below!), I was blown away.  This singer-songwriter gave me snippets of old 70s Rock, Hendrix, Guns 'N Roses and Bowie. 
The atmospheric, almost psychedelic and eclectic guitar playing mixed with powerful vocals is a joy.   The Hendrix influence is obvious as he plays a couple of his songs live, check out some of Kaleb's performances on YouTube! Especially check out "Voodoo Child" and "Hey Joe".
Kaleb is a great energetic performer, vocals evoking Axl Rose in his prime and his guitar playing with a little Hendrix, a little Slash imagery.   If "Talk To God" is anything to go by this guy should be huge, even though its only a taster it bodes well for the future recordings!.
Kaleb has announced the release of the E.P. "Universe In Reverse"(check out the new video below!), this guy surely has more in his locker and many strings to his bow.  Playing a mix of Classic, Alternative and Progressive Rock themes he is going to be big hit with all Rock enthusiasts around the world.

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