Welsh singer-songwriter Meilyr Jones apparently became inspired after a trip to Rome to get away from the break up of his relationship at the time and his band Race Horses.  He has just released his debut album, "2013" which has a full orchestra sound.  Listening to Meilyr (pronounced "May" as in the month and "lyr" as in lyric!) it reminds me of a little Talk Talk, a little Divine Comedy and in some cases even Buddy Holly!  The music is quirky, inventive and a very enjoyable listen.
 Meilyr's music ranges from the deeply emotional and sombre to the quirky, funny and upbeat.  The Welshman's first single "Refugees" is a piano led pretty song while "How To Recognise A Work Of Art" is a jolly, upbeat, fully orchestrated number accompanied by equally crazy video.  This is where I got the Divine Comedy comparison when I watched it, it reminded me of something Neil Hannon would write!
Meilyr's debut album, "2013" contains my favourite track "Strange Emotional" which is a mish mash of 80s Rock riffs, psychedelic screams, and and Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice)/Buddy Holly vocalised hybrid.  Sounds weird and shouldn't work but it does! The album also contains Meilyr's 3 singles, the previously mentioned "Refugees", "How To Recognise A Work Of Art" and "Don Juan".
Meilyr is currently touring the U.K. and is sure to be a big star with his unique style.  Other favourites of mine on the album are the whimsical sweet "Rome" and the extremely mix of Progressive Rock, Hippie and Dexys Midnight Runenrs backing. yes it really is that mad! Interesting guy and interesting album!



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