Rachel Collis is an Australian singer/songwriter who is also a piano player.  Once a German Linguistics teacher in high school and various musical tutor/mentor roles she needed to fulfil her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter in her own right.  A piano player since the age of 6 she became "the piano player" in her school years, the girl who everyone asks to "play that tune" and let others sing along to "the piano player".  For years she became scared of the piano and her music dream became ever more distant.
 Since 2012 Rachel has performed in numerous venues across Australia and her debut album "Ever After" was released that year.  Rachel's songs can make you laugh, cry or contemplate, she has a unique way of storytelling her songs with accomplished piano performances.  Her brand of Indie/Folk/Pop is both charming and engaging to the ear and by all accounts her live performances are also enchanting.
The songs on "Ever After" can remind you at times of Tori Amos, Vanessa Carlton and Sara Bareilles but with the added humour of Kirsty MacColl.  She has that good natured, honest performing style that you can't help but smile and join in like your part of a family Irish Folk or sea shanty singalong.
The second album "Nightlight" was a little more poppier in style but with gorgeous ballads like "Yurora" and "Winter In Munich" its no surprise it was so heavily praised.  It still had time for the old Folk style in tracks such as "A Duck Named Sybil".  Let's hope the word is spread globally about the very unique Rachel Collis!



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