Emerging from the capital of St.Paul in Minnesota, Kevin Gullickson launched a solo career after appearing in various bands and kept one of the names, that of Radio Drive.  He has travelled through Europe to fine tune the music style which is positive, uplifting and motivational.  Rock how it should be.  The band have been described as Pop and Indie, but I'm not sure a label can be put there as there is such a variety in the music.  Everyone can find something different that means something to them.

Currently Kevin's band consists of himself, Patrick Spott, Wesley Henderson and Joe Maffei.  Radio pay has been steadily building and with social media the band are becoming bigger.  Kevin's song "One Life To Give" from the debut album "Dream the Impossible" represented the humanitarian effort Sudan Hope in 2009.  As a performer he has played numerous club gigs in the "Twin Cities" of St.Paul and Minneapolis and played at renowned First Avenue.
I first heard the band on the video "Never" which reminded me a little of Roy Orbison with the brilliant "twang" guitar backing, it had something that made me want to hear more.  When I dug a little deeper I found there was more to this band than middle of the road easy listening, they could rock out when the time comes!  Kevin's lyrics are emotive and make you listen and feel good no matter how you're feeling.
The first album "Dream The Impossible" was released in 2009.  The opener "One Tin Man" reminded me a little of Crowded House, light, sunny and calming.  The title track and "The Winning Edge" could have been lifted from a Rush album, Electronic Rock at its best.  The previously mentioned "One Life To Give" is a beautifully crafted ballad with the lines "one heart, one life to give, what I have is yours" was perfect for the Sudan Hope cause.  The variety continues with the Folk Rock style of "Man Inside Of Me" and the INXS style of "Break Of Day".
In 2010 came the second album, "Life Today".  Another eclectic mix of styles are encapsulated in this set of tracks.  There are a couple of nods to the 80s with "Give It Away" (Gary Numan), "When Hearts Grow Cold" (Depeche Mode/Human league) and "Who You Are" (Pet Shop Boys with real guitars!).  "My Song" could be Tom Petty at his peak and "Life Today" has a great 60s feel and is reminiscent of theat era's  Merseybeat bands.  Just to add to the generations covered there's a 70s style Classic Rock element in "Heart Of Kings"!
"I Can See The World From Here" is the third album by Radio Drive and came in 2011.  There is a more harder rockier feel to this album than the previous two offerings.  There are still the lovely calm songs of positivity in 60s style like the Everly Brothers sound of "Footsteps" and the Psychedelic preaching good message of "Humanity".  "Run" is a late 60s/early 70s Progresive Rock track while "Drowning In Your Love" could be late Depeche Mode in their Gothic Rock phase.  Other stand out tracks are "Northern Heights" (which contains the words to the album title, searing guitar solos and a catchy little chorus) and "Created" which is an anthemic, atmospheric, Alternative Rock number.
 "This Is Our Time" was released as album number four in 2012, which contained the aforementioned "Never".  There is another similar track in the Roy Orbison vein with "I Believe In You" which is a really lovely ballad.  There are influences all over this album from Foreigner ("Hardwired"), Supertramp ("Two Simple Words") and again Crowded House ("Borders").  The title track is an 80s Electronic Rock track while "Money You Don't Own Me" and "Light" remind me of Classic Rock and early 70s psychedelia respectively.  Its easy to see why you can't pin a genre on these guys, they have a unique blend of everything that appeals to all tastes.
Radio Drive have just released their compilation album, "Restored" in 2015 and a single, the re-worked previously mentioned "Humanity".  A single, the brilliant Midge Ure/Ultravox sounding "A Taste Of Heaven" was released on a "A Taste Of Heaven" E.P.  released in 2014.   This also contained remixes of previous tracks "Borders" and "Footsteps".  Kevin is holding off playing clubs for a while as he prefers to stay out of the harsh Minnesota cold winter writing and recording, a sort of "hibernation" he says.  Still with Artista Group he is listening to offers from labels and production groups hopefully to bring more music to Radio Drive fans and beyond!



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