Saturday, 7 October 2017


The Argues are an Indie Rock band from Ontario, Canada and there is something a little unusual about them!  The two frontwomen are sisters Sabrina and Lauren Argue, nothing unusual there.  The drummer and guitarist are the girls' parents Chantale and Michael!  The all singing, multi-instrumental band are quite an extraordinary family band.
As a "family" band there have been obvious comparisons with certain TV family groups but this band are original, and play some great catchy songs.  The debut E.P. "Something New" gives you exactly what it says on the tin!  There are elements of Fleetwood Mac, The Bangles and Tom Petty.  The band are a very tight musical outfit.
Being a Bangles fan, I especially like the ballad "The Buoy" and "Running Til' You Drop" is pure Pop Rock at its best.  So we have the youngest in the band, Sabrina who's talents include harmonica, guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion.  Next we have Lauren who plays bass and guitar and Chantale (mum) on the drums and who, incidentally books the gigs for the band.  Dad Michael on guitar is also the number one roadie, he carries the equipment and drives the bus!
Considering the name, they apparently don't "argue" much and are a very close family.  For parents to backup their daughters in a band has maybe been done a couple of times, but with all contributing to the songwriting and creating, performing and all chipping in to the tasks of keeping a band going, its brilliant.  I hope to hear more..

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