The SoapGirls are Camille and Noemie Debray, known as Mille and Mie and are a fun, sexy and quirky Alternative Pop/Rock/Punk duo.  With Mille on bass and Mie on guitar they provide a blistering flashback to the Punk bands of the late 70s and early 80s.  Singing lyrics with an attitude that's been missing from girl bands over the last few years, these rockin' sisters are to be watched for sure!
On a journey to find their true musical identity the girls have travelled from their birth nation of France via USA and now based in South Africa, they started out at a very early age street performing.  At 15 years old they released a Pop Dance album called "Xperience" which gave them a few hits on International labels such as UMG Africa.  Over the last 12 months the girls have written and recorded over 35 songs and debuted this new harder hitting sound with an album entitled "Calls For Rebellion".
I first heard the girls when searching YouTube for some new artists and found "Hater" a Gothic themed video featuring two stunning girls rocking out like vamps with guitars.  The song made me want to hear more, it reminded me of the old Punk of the early 80s, a little Grunge and Goth Rock combined with the attitude and devil-may-care attitude of girl bands Elastica and Fuzzbox.  "Bloody" sums the girls up, The Bangles harmonies suddenly cut into a heavy thrash metal vocal.
The album is filled with various Rock genres and a few expletives (for any children reading) in true Punk fashion.  There are times when you think Alanis Morissette is guesting on tracks and even Punk queen herself, Siouxsie.  Mille says she fearless, daring and spontaneous while sister Mie wants everyone to let go and f****** rock.  Music should be these things and more, The SoapGirls are here, join in the fun!


  1. Totally love the soapgirls everything about them just screams genuine raw and real.... hope they come to South Australia ... now that would b F'n


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