Whitney Rose is a Canadian singer-songwriter who gives her music the genre name of "vintage-Pop-infused neo-traditional Country".  In the photos and on stage she looks a pretty, quirky dressed girl with a guitar.  She admits her latest album "Heartbreaker Of The Year" is as quirky as herself but there is no doubt this lady has a big talent.  Sometimes channeling her inner Olivia Newton-John, Katie Melua and Patsy Cline.  There is a vulnerability in her voice, a sultry feel at times and also fun.  It is classic Country with a twist!
 I first saw the video to "Chivalry Is Dead" with Whitney wearing a cute little white dress complete with cowboy boots and then she started singing.  A very pure vocal which you just have to be drawn to, comparable with the great female Country singers of the past.  With only her debut album, "Whitney Rose" on the streets, she toured with The Mavericks, the popular all genre accessible band in 2014.  She captured the imagination of The Mavericks' producer Raul Malo who produced the new album.
The new album is precisely what Whitney calls it, "weird and quirky".  "The Devil Borrowed My Boots" is a favourite of mine with that sultry bad girl vocal similar to Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles.  "The Last Party" is classic Country lost love while "Lasso" has a little 60s vibe complete with slide guitars and lots of twang!
Surely this lady is going to go far, I look forward to following her progress! Whitney was one of the critically acclaimed break out Country artists in 2015, and she is on the road in 2016 while also signing for Six Shooter Records.



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