Wren is a young singer-songwriter based in Kent, London, and has released her 5 track debut E.P. in 2015 called "Let Go".  Not content with one string to her bow she is also a dance, drama and singing teacher and a vocal coach tutoring singers on vocal technigues, vocal strength and performance among other things.
On listening to her E.P., Wren has a very unusual voice, think of Tori Amos with a powerful yet cutesy vocal range of Ariana Grande with a little rasp in her voice like Stevie Nicks.  Hard to imagine? then you need to hear this lady.  The debut tracks are quite something.
I do hope this lady is working on an album since this release as I would like to hear more, I think there is a lot more to come from this unique artist.  "Maid Of Clay" is mystical and almost trance-like with soft vocals while "Let Go" is a brilliant track that could have come from Ms. Nicks' solo albums.
"1.43" sounds like a homage to Tori Amos and is a very powerful yet minimal musical track.  The whole E.P. is quite astounding for an 18 year old.  Let us hope there is going to be an album!



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