Saturday, 11 November 2017


Magic Wands hail from Los Angeles, USA and play an atmospheric Dream Pop with borders on the hypnotic and Psychedelic, mainly comprising of duo Dexy and Chris Valentine incorporating members to complete the live performances and recordings.

The band have released two albums to date, "Aloha Moon" in 2012 and "Jupiter" in 2016.  New album "Abrakadabra" is coming in 2018.  Currently on a European tour their music has a heavy ambience feel but with all the elements of Goth and Progressive Rock with sneaky little catchy choruses and melodies. Its like nothing I have heard before.

"Crystals" from the first album for instance starts off with a little Fleetwood Mac, moves into The Cult territory then back again incorpirating a guitar part similar to Duane Eddy and all those guitar stars in the 50s and 60s.  "Lazer Bitch" from the "Jupiter" album is like a really angry and avengeful Bangles!

Certainly a unique band intertwining the 80s and 90s Grunge and Goth bands with earlier decades standard Rock N' Roll elements.  It all makes for an intriguing mix, the first album was a little more accessible to the Radio listeners with more electronic backing whereas the second is more "live" sounding and what seems like less production and more spontaneous sounds.  Interesting band, look forward to seeing what the third album brings!

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