Friday, 16 March 2018


INGAJA is a singer songwriter from Lithuania, raised in a small seaside town called Klaipedia.  Taking her influences from Ben Howard, Lissie and also one of my favourites, female Dutch singer Anouk.

She released her debut E.P. early last year entitled "Darkness".  Upon listening to the songs there is an eerie atmospheric feel to them, but its a pure "live" sound which is always a plus with me.  I can surely hear the Anouk influence and there's also a little tenacity of Tori Amos and vulnerable softness of Eva Cassidy.

This lady has worked hard over the years acquiring knowledge and fine tuning her talent taking part in various events around Lithuania and abroad.  She sings about the environment which surrounds her and also memories and personal life occurrences.  The E.P. was broadcasted on BBC radio in Liverpool and is played all over Lithuanian local radio.

The songs are emotive, crafted gems on the E.P., the vocals sound honest and sincere and the music is haunting at times, but in a good, positive way.  INGAJA also thinks a lot of nature and regularly makes time to connect with it to stimulate her creativity.   I especially like the track "Secrets", its Acoustic Rock sound and harsh, biting vocals are brilliant.  Let's hope for more from this lady.

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