Wednesday, 4 April 2018


The Fireflys are a band from my hometown of Runcorn, in the North West of England.  Playing a brand of Indie/Americana Rock with guitar driven songs and harmonious melodies.  Since finding this band I have also reviewed a live concert and their previous album on New Music Ear as well as having an article published in California's Music Insider magazine so they are always on my radar.

Since forming in 2007 and a few band lineup changes they have released four albums all to critical acclaim.  The last album "The Illumination Of Everything" brought the band to new heights and their single, the brilliant "Branches" was played on a myriad of radio stations and Internet playlists.  I described the song as "a lilting mixed masterpiece of sadness and hope" and this is what the songs give, plenty of emotion.

I had the pleasure of meeting the two mainstays of the band a few years ago, songwriter and frontman Lee Wylding and drummer Andie Packer who were very humble and down to earth and so respectful to fans and media.  These kind of people you can ony wish the best for and hope they achieve their ambitions.  The band is now a sextet and completing the lineup are Chris Tann, Sam Bramhall, Joe Paul Forber and Phil Conway.

Last year began the new chapter in the band's history as they signed with record company Strawberry Moon Records and released their first single under their banner, the gentle and emotive "Grace".  A second single, "Runaway" is out now with the album maybe arriving in late Summer with a third single "This House Is Ours" coming in August.  Always working hard playing gigs all over and building a loyal and appreciative fanbase, The Fireflys are here and show no signs of stopping, take notice!

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