Thursday, 24 May 2018


Anna Meline is a 24 year old singer songwriter and guitarist from Sweden. The music variates from Dance to Pop to an almost Indie Country style.  It's hard to define but it is original.  Her voice is very unique and it takes time to tune in to the Euro Pop Rock voice with the English/Swedish accent vocalising over various genres of music.

Anna got her first guitar at 13 years old and started singing her own poems as a way to express herself and handle different problems in a productive way, performing.  Like other kids growing up Anna also suffered times of bullying and the feelings she endured at this time made her the person she is today.  Being who you are and going for what you want are important to her.

Since releasing her debut album, "I Couldn't Stay" a couple of years ago she has been working hard on her second album coming soon.  She hopes to make a video for each of the songs on the album being more creative with all the process.   Anna wanted to do things she hadn't done before, there are more slower songs but also some that are playful and catchy, and lyrics that are from personal experiences.

Anna has been playing a lot of Acoustic sessions with other musicians as she finds it a lot of fun and also makes time for her other love, photography.  Enjoying random trips around Europe and taking pictures of the scenery.  After my review of Anna just after her first album she sent me a copy of her album as a thank you.  A very humble lady and appreciative to those who have a positive infuence in her life.

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