Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Once upon a time in Victoria, there were 4 sisters who started playing in the family shed...
No, this isn't the start of a whimsical little children's story, it is actually the start of the Findlay sisters' journey into being a superb all-girl Rock band, blazing a trail through their native Australia and beyond.  With the sounds of Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin the staple listening pleasure of the girls' parents, it was inevitable that if the girls were to embark on a music career it would be Rock based. 

The sisters' Amy (vocals/drums), Hannah (guitar), Holly (bass) and Sarah (keyboards, vocals) first caught my attention with the brilliant "Through The Clover".  I was hooked, great energy, superb vocals and great old style Rock riffs. Supremely talented and incorporating all forms of the Rock genre I knew they were going to go far so I gave them one of my first reviews on New Music Ear following their stomping debut album, "Stonefield" in 2013.

Since that review they have released a second album, "As Above, So Below" in 2016 and also just released a third, "Far From Earth" in April 2018.  The band have come of age and their albums to date are an absolute delight for the Rock lover.  From 60s and 70s Classic Rock to Psychedelia and Progressive, moving slightly into Gothic Rock territory these girls know how to "rawk". 

My last review of the girls had me stating references to Pat Benatar ("Bad Reality"), a feminine Ozzy Osbourne!("Who Are You") and Hendrix ("C'Mon"), but there's so much more to enthuse about, such a great band.  If you are a Rock fan or you think its a man's world, think again, to quote one of the great guitar bands Thin Lizzy loosely, "the GIRLS are back in town".  "Far From Earth" is out now on their new label, Flightless Records, have a listen, you won't be disappointed! these girls should be globally massive already.

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