Thursday, 26 July 2018


The SoapGirls are Camille and Noemie Debray, known as Mille and Mie and are a fun, sexy and quirky Alternative Pop/Rock/Punk duo.  With Mille on bass and Mie on guitar they provide a blistering flashback to the Punk bands of the late 70s and early 80s.

On a journey to find their true musical identity the girls have travelled from their birth nation of France via USA and now based in South Africa, they started out at a very early age street performing.  At 15 years old they released a Pop Dance album called "Xperience" which gave them a few hits on International labels such as UMG Africa.  As The SoapGirls they released their debut abum, "Calls For Rebellion" in 2015.  I had just done a mini review on the girls at the same time.

The album contained "Hater" which reminded me of the old Punk of the early 80s, a little Grunge and Goth Rock combined with the attitude and devil-may-care attitude of girl bands Elastica and Fuzzbox.  The song had a cool Gothic video which got me looking for more on these ladies.  The album also had another favourite of mine, "Bloody" sums the girls up, The Bangles harmonies suddenly cut into a heavy thrash metal vocal!

The girls dress provocatively and sing with attitude, missing from today's "play safe" Pop stars.  Sometimes because of this, they have had some bad times and abuse but are strong, independent women doing what they love and doing it how they want.  With an army of fans called "The SoapSuds" they have just released their second album, "Society's Rejects" with the brilliant "Johnny Rotten" (pure Punk Pop) and nods to Blondie ("Bad Bitch") and The Bangles ("Rather B Dead").

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