Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Cardboard Hit are a three piece band consisting of Ross Towner, Lee Hayes and Matt Rouse.  The band play an Alternative Rock but I also think there is an element of Punk in there as well.  There are great unusual vocal harmonies coinciding with a pounding drums and powerful guitar riffs.

The debut E.P. entitled "Subject To Status" was released last year.  The songs "All The Voices" and "Say Yes" are brilliant rockers.  The band have been compared to Muse or Queens Of The Stone Age, but to me they bring to mind a hybrid of Progressive Rock such as Led Zeppelin with a little Midnight Oil and Wall Of Voodoo thrown in for good measure!

Formed in East Sussex, only Matt is from that area with Ross from North London and Lee from Cheshire.  The three different backgrounds make three different characters, but also three friends who certainly rock together and are set for stardom, I will certainly be keeping my eye on this band.

Cardboard Hit are a unique band, checking out some of the performances on YouTube and they are also a tight, exciting group on stage as well.  The trio are currently taking a bit of a sabbatical while each does other things but they have a host of songs ready to be recorded when they re-emerge together in the studio.  So more to come from this great band.

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