Sunday, 26 August 2018


Steve Moran is an Alternative singer/songwriter using the spoken word and is a man with a message.  Hailing from Manchester, this unassuming guy uses his songs to convey emotion, harsh truths and showing a way out of the darkness.  He has been out of the limelight a while working on his debut album.

Steve writes his songs based on his own experiences and the perils of everyday life that affect others.  Although only releasing two singles to date, he has received wide acclaim from many countries and had airplay on MTV and the second single was a minor American chart hit.

This guy is unique, the first single "Wasn't Meant To Be This Way" lyrically covers society problems of today while the video tells another story, it received emotive feedback by viewers and listeners alike.  "What A Waste" covers alcoholism and real life dilemmas.  Clearly the message he is sending is honest, provocative, positive and delivered with emotion.

Steve has been working hard to show people there is light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel.  Obviously, to hear the words, he has suffered a few turbulent times in his own life, and music is his salvation.  What better way to pass on a message of hope than through music, Steve just wants to push the boundaries and give everyone a voice! I believe a third single is coming soon entitled "Wish We Were Still Lovers".

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