Monday, 3 September 2018


Based in London, raised in Somerset but originally from Manchester, Jazz Mino is an Electropop busker/singer who regularly can be found busking with her ukulele around Piccadilly Circus!  With her catchy songs, infectious charm and unique dress style she has been enchanting audiences around the capital's music scene.

The music press started taking notice of this talented lady after her debut single "The Dorkiness in You" was released.  She has a growing fan base and won the KISS FM Music Cube Competition in 2014.   Jazz followed up this single with "Blue Eyes". 

Jazz has the music style of Imelda May with a little cute craziness of Miss Li.  A powerful soulful voice matches the quirkiness of her incredibly catchy songs.  The lady has not only captured the British hearts, she has promoted the art of busking as part of the "Sofia Welcomes The Streets Of London" project.  This meant TV time on Bulgarian media!

 Following successful singles such as "Crush", a cover of Jennifer Paige's track, "Warriors" and "Misunderstand" this lady is blazing a trail in the music business.  Jazz is also raising awareness for diversity and mental health issues.  She started a "colours campaign" using a multi-single multi coloured background to her songs.

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