Saturday, 24 November 2018


XIXA (pronouced "she-sha") are a quirky, amazingly talented and incredibly strange, genre crossing band from Tucson, Arizona in the U.S.A.  This is a really great band of musicians, Brian Lopez and Gabriel Sullivan are the key men behind this groundbreaking new sextet.  Ironically, dressed as possibly the new Magnificent Seven (or should that be six) western heroes, thay have a brand of seemingly gothic, psychedelic, Mexican style Rock that simply captivates the senses.

The band released debut album, "Bloodline" in 2016 following from their first E.P. "Shift And Shadow".  To categorise the band's music would be futile, they have such a unique style and take on various music genres.  This is evident on the track "Shift And Shadow" which is like a Western Movie soundtrack before dipping into Psychedelic 70s Progressive Rock and The Kinks! Add to this a nice little Mexican vibe (as Tuscon is famous for its Mexican food this sounds about right!).

The songs are melodic, a little bit weird and totally enchanting, its very unique.  One minute you've got them down as 80s kids with the Electronica and Synths vibes then you change your mind as the 60s hippie bands and 70s atmospheric Rock comes in.  "Golden Apparition" for instance kicks off very eerily before cutting in to some funky and Reggae style, Cantonese guitar work, add a few chants and this is not what you expected at all!

The band completed their first tour of Europe and are still jetting around the globe.  Originally a covers band called Chicha Dust they started to write original material and have not looked back.  The brand new single "Tombstone Rashomon" is out now, check out this superb band for some Latin, Western Rock...or whatever the band decide you are allowed to hear next!

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