Tuesday, 29 January 2019


Lolli Wren is a young singer-songwriter based in Kent, London, and released her 5 track debut E.P. in 2015 called "Let Go" under the name "Wren".  Not content with one string to her bow she is also a dance, drama and singing teacher and a vocal coach tutoring singers on vocal techniques, vocal strength and performance among other things.

I first discovered "Wren" a few years ago, since her debut E.P. she has been working on new tracks, making great cover version videos for YouTube, seemingly exploring a variety of hair colours and changing her name!Check out some of her cover versions online of James Bay's "Let It Go" and Jessie Ware's "Say You Love Me".

On listening to her E.P., she has a very unusual voice, think of Tori Amos with a powerful yet cutesy vocal range of Ariana Grande with a little rasp in her voice like Stevie Nicks.  Hard to imagine? then you need to hear this lady.  The debut tracks are quite something.

"Maid Of Clay" is mystical and almost trance-like with soft vocals while "Let Go" is a brilliant track that could have come from Ms. Nicks' solo albums.  "1.43" sounds like a homage to Tori Amos and is a very powerful yet minimal musical track.  The whole E.P. is quite astounding as she made this at 18 years old. When I last contacted Ms Lolli on Twitter she said exciting new music was coming, let's hope so!

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