Tuesday, 2 April 2019


Currently residing in Keene, New Hampshire, this talented singer-songwriter conjures up dream like images with her atmospheric light alternative pop music.  Her first full length album "Efflorescence" was an impressive debut when it appeared in 2016.

On first listen to the song "Palm Reader" I sense a little Tori Amos, a little Enya, a little Suzanne Vega which is an unusual mix but it works, throw in the odd little Kate Bush vocal and this is what you have.  The album is a really nice listen, theres always an emotional, passionate vocal sometimes accompanied by piano, guitars, drum loops and various other musical backing that gives a rich, dreamy sound that draws you into a kind of mystical world.

Anna is a very talented lady, outside her music project she is also a photographer and actress.  The film "Granite Orpheus", which is scheduled for release this year has an acting credit for her and the soundtrack features two of her tracks including "Palm Reader", which was the title track from her first E.P.

Since I first discovered the music of Anna Madsen a few years ago she has since released a follow up album called "Whisper" in 2017 and has a new single coming soon called "Black Tears".  Lots more to come from this lady in all art forms it seems.

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