Saturday, 13 April 2019


Clean Cut Kid are a quartet from Liverpool, I've seen their music described as "soulful pop ballads washed in Mersey water".  I'm not sure if this was the band's own description but it is very apt.  The band first caught my ears as they were soon to release their debut album, "Felt".  I heard the single "Vitamin C", an atmospheric, raw track with elements of Electronic and Pop Punk with a catchy little chorus like an old 70s Folk hippie anthem.  I knew I wanted to hear more.

Other songs I liked from the first album include "Runaway", laden with harmonies and U2-like Rock guitars complete with chants and catchy lyrics and "Pick Me Up", a brilliant rip-roaring catchy foot tapper which gives a good feeling of what the band are all about.

The group seem a bit wacky on the whole, and the music is experimental and unusual.  There are catchy hooks and melodies within the songs that will reach inside your brain and hang a while.  There are many elements to their music including Indie, Rock, Electronica, Folk, Pop Punk and melodies akin to the likes of Fleetwood Mac on the light Rock side.

Their latest album is out now entitled "Painwave", and contains the brilliant songs "Emily" and "I Don't Like You But I Love You". Catch these guys live around the UK now, a refreshing brand of music that is much needed at the moment in these stale and boring chart music we are fed with.

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