Sunday, 21 July 2019


Dorothy Miranda Clark aka Dodie started out as a YouTuber with her own channel playing piano and ukulele cover songs.  The channel is called "DoddieOddie" and has thousands of followers and subscribers.  I first heard about Dodie when watching "The Sara Cox Show" on ITV on a weekend morning, I loved this girl's voice, so soothing, gentle-like but such a pure vocal and effortless.

When I looked up more on this lady for this blog I found she had already released 3 E.P.'s including the most recent, "Human".  Born in Enfield but now residing in Epping, Essex in the UK, Dodie plays a variety of instruments, is considering writing a book and is currently writing material for her debut album.

With a YouTube fanbase already in place and her incredible talent this lady is sure to go far and still in her early 20s.  For the full impact of the emotion of this unique voice I recommend listening through headphones.  I have not heard a voice singing like this since I first heard Tori Amos, her songs in a whispered style had the most powerful emotions behind them. 

My favourite songs so far are the delightfully quirky, uptempo Folk of "Absolutely Smitten" from the debut E.P. "Intertwined" and the gorgeous, haunting "Secret For The Mad" from the second E.P. "You".  Check out the latest single, "Guiltless", this great new singer songwriter is bringing a mix of Tori Amos/Michelle Branch and Sara Bareilles with that pure vocal full of emotion and intelligent and fabulous melodies.

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