Sunday, 27 October 2019


Anteros are an Indie Pop band comprising of Laura Hayden, Joshua Rumble, Jackson Couzens and Harry Balazs.  After a handful of E.P.'s they released their debut album, "When We Land" in March 2019.  Their sound brings back the sound of 80s Blondie, but also hints of later bands like The Cardigans and Garbage.  There is a little bit of everything in the music for all tastes.

In Greek mythology Anteros was the god of requited love and you will certainly love this band.  I first heard the debut song, "Anteros" from the first self titled E.P. and thought it was almost Dream Pop with something a little extra, so intriguing it got me looking for more music. Another track I love is "Bonnie" which is a kind of The Cardigans' Rock Pop hybrid meshed with Garbage Grunge.

Hearing the album is like a flashback to when music was great, tracks like "Ordinary Girl" and "Drive On" are surely hints to Blondie's soft and Punk-ish side.  It's not only the bands I mentioned at the start of this summary review, there are also hints to Elastica, Fleetwood Mac and Echiobelly in the sound as well as Electronica, Rock, Pop Punk.  This band are going places.

 Laura's vocals are surely going to be compared to early Debbie Harry as she matches the soft, sultry vocals with the confident Punk tougher sound.  It has took a while to get this far and produce a debut album with such class.  The hard working band have been touring the album since March and taking in some festivals.  Look forward to the second album!

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