This New York based band are a multi-cultural set of musicians, mainly fronted by half-Japanese, half-Jewish Andy Suzuki and Kozza Babumba, grandson of Grammy award winning Nigerian percussionist, Babatunde Olatunji.  These diverse backgrounds serve up a mix of styles, mainly but not tied to Folk, Blues and Rock!
The band formed at University when Andy met Kozza in 2005, in 2008 they enlisted violinist Jason Gorelick.  They released their first E.P. "300 Pianos" a year later and in 2012 released their second, "The Ghost Stories E.P.".  In 2011 they were selected as Manhattan's winner for WNYC's annual Battle of the Boroughs and also in 2012 they toured Brunei, sponsored by KFC and UBD FM.  The Brunei fans called themselves Methodons or Methodonnas!
The band have been touring their shows around the US, building a solid fan club and have released their debut album, "Born Out Of Mischief", which was hotly anticipated by the music press and media.  The first single "Keep Me Running" premiered on a week before the album's release.  The Urban Daily has named the band as one of the "25 Artists That Need To Be Heard".  So what are you waiting for?
The band remind me of a few bands I've already covered in these pages, sometimes INXS, sometimes Kane, sometimes Support Lesbiens.  It's a very melodic rock style, the ballads especially are a more laid back Jon Bon Jovi.  This band have a bundle of superb lyrical, melodious numbers, my favourites being "Virginia", "Belly Of The Beast" and "Dirty Floors".  Check them out!