Abigail Blake is an unusual artist born in Coventry, moving to Kent and is now currently in Norwich, England.  The unusual bit is that she plays the harp, piano, guitar, sings and writes her own songs, and despite bouts of early reading disorders she also studied piano and music production.  The combination of these skills brings to the fore a very unique sound.  She is also known by the name Hydra Lerna.
Creating elecronic samples and loops on her laptop to cue in live performances while playing the harp (run through a loop pedal and multi FX pedal) and singing brings an altogether different type of music that merges the genres of Electronica and Classical.  Abigail has christened this proces "Twinklestep".  A very intelligent lady, she has created her own sound and produces and controls her live performances.  This was much to her amusement when bemused sexist males in the industry just didn't get it and were stuck in the dark ages it seems!
Releasing two E.P.'s is sure to get her noticed and lets hope the debut album arrives soon.  Check out the "Etch" and "Birdcage" E.P.'s for some unique and creative tracks.  The first set has the beautiful, haunting "Epiphany" while the second includes the pop classical ballad "Liar" with gorgeous vocals.
Abigail's new single "Party Tricks" will be released in November, a song all about having the "trick" of being somebody who stands out in a crowd by being themselves instead of following an alcohol trend like sheep.  Proving that this lady can chalenge society's problems as well as giving us some really nice tunes!



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