Cimorelli are a six piece girl band from Sacramento, California consisting of five sisters Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren and Dani Cimorelli.  They rose to fame in 2007 when their videos of themselves performing chart hits and covers were posted on YouTube gaining fans with their renditions in a cappella style with occasional instruments.  This prompted a 2008 self-titled debut E.P. of their first original songs.
The girls have since released 5 E.P's as of 2014 and a Christmas E.P. and hope to release their debut album in 2016.  All the girls are performers, among the family sextet are occasional piano, drum, bass, guitar and tambourine players.  As if that wasn't enough, the talented sisters also oversee choreography, video editing, harmony and vocal arrangements!
I saw the taster video for the new album, "Up At Night" called "Heart's On Fire".  A really great song, reminding of the 80s trio Wilson Phillips, gorgeous harmonies and very emotive vocals.  The stunning "You're Worth It" from the "Renegade" E.P. is also a favourite of mine.  There hasn't been a band like this for a long time, this is how girl bands should be.  There's so many Pop girl bands around now but these girls can turn their hands to any style and could have a major impact in years to come on the music scene.
They seem like ordinary sisters and have a variety of interests and hobbies! Bananas obsession, sunset bike rides, hot tea in beautiful and giant mugs, baking, psychology, theology, makeup, nail art, talking, pineapples, superheroes, video games and dance!  Oh and of course, they love their music!  Looks like we will be hearing more from this talented family..




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