Thursday, 19 October 2017


Elsa is a big Soul voice from London.  Check out her original song "Get Me Up" in the video below.  Just imagine Alicia Keys, Diana Ross with a sprinkle of Aretha Franklin's powerful energy and you have Elsa.  I saw a couple of covers of "Saving All My Love" and "I Want You Back" and this lady has a voice, a big big voice.
Elsa's vocals encompass a little Funk and R 'n B thrown in for good measure as well as the Soul influence. Once you hear this lady you really want more.  "Get Me Up" is quite funky and soulful but I think she could turn her voice to any genre such is the talent that is evident in her performances.#
When watching Elsa at the piano and belting out her new style of Soul it reminded me of Tori Amos, such is the confidence and the ability to grab attention and keep it focused on her voice.  I said she also reminded me of Alicia Keys, which is a big compliment as I think she is an original performer.
Check out some of Elsa's live performances on YouTube, she is going to be a force to be reckoned with.  I also recommend finding the track "Rewind", a really great song, I look forward to a debut album from this bright star!

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