Evarose are an English 4 piece all girl Rock band from Banbury in Oxfordshire and will be releasing their debut album "Invisible Monsters" in June 2016.  The players are Dannika Webber, Imogen Leslie, Connie Raitt and Robyn Griffith.  They have just released a taster single from the album entitled "Provoke Me"
The single is an atmospheric rocker with fragments of Avril Lavigne, Evanescence and Foo Fighters.  Formed in 2010 the girls have released 3 E.P's to date starting with the debut set "Creation Divide".  "Elements" followed which contains the superb Paramore-esque "Best Left Alone" and the most recent "Vice/Shedding Skin".
I first caught Evarose on the video for the single "Cough It Up" a few years ago.  Their sound reminded me of Fall Out Boy or Blink 182, fast pounding beats with frantic guitars and Pop Punk vocals.  The difference is these were 4 good looking girls totally rocking it! There are shades of the usual Garbage and Paramore links but these girls are offering an edgier sound more likeable to Grunge and Gothic Rock in tired male filled bands.
Evarose have been steadily building a following year by year and the highly anticipated debut album will surely fuel the global success flame.



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