Ferris are an Indie Rock/Pop band from Leicester in England.  The band consist of Scott Grocock (lead vocals and guitar)/Rob Bourgault (guitars an vocals)/Nick Wale (drums, percussion and vocals).  The band have  been on the scene since 2001 although the current line-up have been together since 2011.  Their music is a 60s and 70s influenced Rock and Roll fusion.  Great musicianship and harmonies that sound like the great "beat" bands of that time.
The band have been creating a great live following and have already supported Reverend And The Makers, The Alarm, Crowded House and Radiohead as well as appearing in the Isle of Wight festival.  The band released a self-produced album titled "Speak Up" in 2013.
I could only find their second album "Pathfinder" downloadable in Russia only!  However, I have heard enough tracks on Soundcloud to see the talent in these guys.  Hearing Pathfinder via YouTube it is more Psychedelic sounding than the previous album, basically the first album is set in the 60s and the second the 70s.
The band released their own World Cup song for the national team in 2014 entitled "A Love As Big As England" which got lots of airplay on the radio.  Tracks to look out for by the band are my favourites "Castle Road" and "Do You Mean It".  I sense big things and they've earned it for sticking together so long.  The band should make the tracks readily available to all so we can hear the great music but other than that, check these guys out!



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