Lyerr hail from Manchester, England and the four piece Punk Rock band are Ryan Johnson on vocals and guitar, Samuel Greene on guitar, Rory Magner on bass and James Kershaw on drums.
Although only starting out in 2015 the band are rapidly building a following with their live exploits.  No singles or albums have been released yet but two teaser tracks are doing the rounds on the Internet on various media outlets.  The band play the more tuneful area of Punk Rock similar to The Stranglers and The Jam on their early recordings.
The track "Miss Bright Ideas" is like a Stranglers/Razorlight hybrid whereas "NYC" could be a Jam song but also has leanings to Billy Idol in his Generation X days and also reminds me of "Is Vic There?" by Department S in parts.  From two tracks you can hear the promise of this band.

Let's hope the band can get noticed and earn the right to release a single, E.P. or album and lets hear more from these guys.  Lots of promise and Punk Rock as it should sound from late 70s/early 80s!



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